Transport Working Group


Our Transport Working Group was set up in 2009 in response to the then Government’s Concessionary Bus Fares Act which failed to address the needs of mental health sufferers and effectively excluded thousands with mental health problems from receiving a bus pass. We continue to campaign for a change in legislation and guidance on this issue.

Since those early days we carried out a national survey of people’s experiences of using rail and bus transport. Our report Mental Health & Public Transport was presented to the Transport Minister in Sept 2011. We have also become observers at DPTAC (The Disabled People’s Transport Advisory Committee) which has enabled us to raise the profile of the needs of people living with a mental health condition within the Department for Transport.

We have helped to produce training material for bus drivers, coach drivers and rail staff. Our bus driver training dvd (1 in 4 People) is the first of its kind and can be purchased from the Confederation of Passenger Transport Phone: 020 7240 3131. You can watch a demo of the DVD here: Transport video demo

As a result of our working relationship with the DFT we received funding last year to organize, with Anxiety UK, a national Mental Health & Transport Summit. This took place on February 25th 2016 and was felt to be a resounding success! The Transport Minister, Andrew Jones, promised changes for people with mental health conditions. Transports companies and associated regulators and watchdog bodies from across the whole transport sector have pledged to make changes and take initiatives to improve understanding and support for passengers and employees living with a mental health condition.

You can read our Report here:  Mental Health & Transport Summit Report