Our Campaigns

close_atosBenefits Working Group – ESA & DLA/PIP

Transport Working Group

MHAG has fought many campaigns over the last few years. We believe that many people with mental health conditions are still discriminated against and stigmatised, and this extends across the whole range of society. We believe this isn’t acceptable in a modern society.

This process continues until MHAG gets an outcome. Progress is reported to members in our monthly newsletter and to our funding providers quarterly.

Our constant aim is to improve the services that people living with a mental health condition in southern Derbyshire receive. We have no political, religious or personal agendas. But we are INDEPENDENT. Also, we prefer to work with people, and avoid unnecessary confrontation. But sometimes we have to be assertive!!

Previous Campaigns

Psychotherapy Services
In-Patient Seclusion
Restoring Benefits for Inpatients
Smoking on Inpatient Wards
Sports & Leisure Group, Ilkeston
Other Campaigns Over The Years


What Does MHAG Do When Campaigning?

  • norman_baker_transport_ministerWriting to service providers, Chief Executives, Senior Offices & boards
  • Lobbying MPs, ministers & local councils
  • Establishing contacts in the media
  • Working in partnership with other stakeholder organisations
  • Carrying out surveys and questionnaires
  • Forming focus groups and working parties
  • Publishing progress in newsletters
  • Meeting with anyone, anywhere if we think we can influence the outcomes
  • Being persistent and not going away!

A Typical Campaign Timeline

  • Service users bring an important issue to one of our monthly meetings in Derby, Ilkeston, Ripley or Swadlincote
  • The issue is discussed and evidence heard
  • Those present then vote on whether any action should be taken, and how
  • The Group’s co-ordinators then take these instructions away and act on them, along with any of the group representatives who wish to be involved
  • The co-ordinators will then report back to subsequent monthly meetings with an update on progress. Those attending may then decide to take further measures