Other Campaigns Over The Years

Since 2006, MHAG has been involved in a number of campaigns on behalf of service receivers, with varying degrees of success!

  • Consulting with the Mental Health Trust on patients in Cherry Tree Close at Kingsway, who feared being moved on too quickly as part of their recovery.
  • Campaigning on the award of the Derby City Day Services contract, which we felt had been badly mismanaged, and not meeting the stated needs of service receivers.
  • Campaigning on the provision of Focusline crisis telephone service, which was under threat of losing its funding (now resolved).
  • Campaigning about the lack of provision of a true mental health crisis response service at point of crisis.
  • Raising the issue of the lack of a dedicated mental health dietician for inpatient wards (now resolved).

Many of the issues raised by service receivers are resolved quickly and simply but using the existing channels of communication, and working in partnership with service providers. Issues become campaigns when we cannot get a response, or when we are ignored or dismissed. This happens less often than it did, and reflects the respect and regard with which MHAG is held.