MHAG is keen to reach more people and we are always looking to open our group to different communities. We are getting out to as many events and local group meetings as we can to spread the word about MHAG. Not only that, but we also engage with Government organisations and national campaigns too.

Every month (except October) MHAG produces a newsletter which goes out to all our members and is distributed to various organisations and waiting rooms etc. In October MHAG has its Annual General Meeting and produces its Annual Report. Our newsletter gives updates on current campaigns, news of local events and meetings, details of the next meeting and other useful information and contacts.

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Mhag-zine January 2017

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care changes 1 april 2015

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Mhag-zine Dec 2014

Mhag-zine Special Edition

Mhag-zine Sept 2014

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Mhag-zine July 2014

Press Release Launch of ‘One in Four People’

Mhag-zine June 2014

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Mhagzine survey

Mhag-zine March 2014

MHAG Benefits Newsletter March 2014

Mhag-zine Feb 2014

Mhag-zine Jan 2014

MHAG Benefits Newsletter January 2014

SH SH Derby Poster

Main meetings 2014

MHAG’s tribute to Gill

Benefits Conference Report

Mental Health & Public Transport Report